Dark room with the artist and digital slide projection
Monologues, performance still, 2017, Sunken Garden, Dunlop Art Gallery, Regina, Saskatchewan

Monologues: patriarchal traditions and the New Age revolves around a series of lectures and includes a bibliography. It seeks to bring to light the neglected story of women’s roles within the history of western esotericism. This story doesn’t begin in the mid-nineteenth century, but it’s here that the advent of the women’s rights movement has given us a women’s history at all. With a focus on the emergence of women as religious figures—and contrary to white feminist orthodoxy that posits feminism as a purely secular endeavour—I start with Ann Braude's thesis of spiritualism as perhaps the major vehicle for the spread of the the early women’s right’s movement. I am interested in the continued developments in related areas of spirituality and the feminine struggle for legitimacy on its own terms. This period, which gives rise to other women-dominated movements like Theosophy and New Thought, is key to a greater understanding of the significance of the New Age beyond the habitual polemical or apologetic rhetoric.