The artists standing behind a line drawing on clear acetate Detail of artwork showing a window with a teleprompter in it Detail of artwork showing a window with a metronome in it Architectural elevation drawing of room with 6 windows, on clear acetate

Monologues: patriarchal traditions and the New Age, 2018 was focused on alternative feminine religious practices of the nineteenth century, especially in their relationship to bodily healing and the role of the “gentleman doctor”. I was interested in the fact that the Western Front’s upstairs performance space was originally the inner sanctum of the “occult” 19th century fraternal order, The Knights of Pythias. And during my residency there, excited to find a box of Knights of Pythias ephemera containing hundreds of doctor’s notes. The doctors notes, which dated from 1926, were accompanied by copies of letters from the Knight’s “Keeper of Records and Seal”. The letters were to the order’s members and detailed the dispensing of checks. Alongside this, a membership booklet from 1947, made it obvious that the Knights of Pythias was among other things, a prototypical health insurance provider.