A large translucent drawing mounted on a stand
Installation view, Unit 17, Vancouver, photography: Cemrenaz Uyguner
Tinted resin cone on matching plinth Translucent drawing, front view Artwork base, showing a matching sandbag to stabilise it Tinted resin puck on window sill A different tinted resin puck
The Great Tree of Pagan Superstition makes visible the light through which we have unwittingly come to perceive certain ideas. Ideas like those that imbue accompanying objects: Etheric Ward and the Tower Busters. All of which are made of orgonite. Orgonite is an occult substance of contemporary DIY cult status. It is said to transmute, among other things, the harmful energy of electro-magnetic frequencies. Orgonite is named for Wilhelm Reich’s 1930’s concept of Orgone which is variously described as universal life force, esoteric energy or pseudoscience.

The Great Tree of Pagan Superstition, 2020, hand cut and collaged lighting gels, acetate, ink, copper wire, plexiglass, C-stand, flag frame, sandbag, recycled fabric

Etheric Ward, 2020, orgonite (steel, aluminum, copper leaf, quartz crystal, resin), polystyrene, recycled fabric, coloured sand

Tower Busters, 2020, orgonite (steel, aluminum, copper wire, copper leaf, quartz crystal, resin)

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