A tinted resin dodecahedron The artwork on a matching plinth Closeup of the artwork showing copper rings and wire

Orgonite is a contemporary phenomenon of DIY cult status that is said to transmute - among other things - the harmful energy of electro-magnetic frequencies. It gets its name from Wilhelm Reich’s concept of Orgone, originally proposed in the 1930s and variously described as pseudoscience, esoteric energy or universal life force. As an orgonite dodecahedron made with metal waste from the experimental research of TRIUMF particle accelerator physicists, Quintessence inserts itself speculatively into questions around dark matter and the even more mysterious dark energy.

Quintessence, 2020, orgonite (steel, aluminum, copper wire, copper leaf, quartz crystal, resin), polystyrene, recycled fabric, 34 × 24 × 24 inches, photo: SITE photography